Libra sale coming soon 🦋

Pre-made pieces are available as well as customs

 My business was established July 2020. My goal with my art is to give a feeling of peace & tranquility when everything else around us is the complete opposite. These are more than ashtrays etc they are keepsakes that will live with you forever, because every piece is made with love 💙

Small rolling tray & Diamond ashtray

“It’s Blu-tiful, I love it!”

Cousin Charleeta

“It’s the rose petals for me 😍” 


“You will not be disappointed!”


“Customer service is amazing & she brings all my ideas to life!” 

Raevan 🌹

“stop sleeping on my friend! This $h!t is fye! “

Candice 💕

Large rolling tray & Square ashtray

Jewelry set comes with necklace, pair of earrings, & a bracelet